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Does it matter which match equity table you use?

From:   Achim Mueller
Date:   12 December 2003
Subject:   Re: BGBlitz 1.7 vs. GNUbg 0.14: GNUBG analyses
Google:   brc00v$j89$01$

At the moment I'm doing a large simualtion on different mets. I let gnubg
play against itself 5p matches via socket. 3000 between woolsey and snowie
are nearly finished with no significant difference.


Robert-Jan Veldhuizen  writes:

Interesting! I think Joseph Heled did something similar once and found
some MET to win ~50.03% (?) against some other MET. For overall match
winning chances, there's hardly anything to be gained by using a
better ("perfect" even) MET than f.i. the Woolsey MET (which, at least
for GNUBG 0-ply playing itself, seems to be worse than the SW 2.1,
Jacobs or mec26 MET. Zadeh is probably worst).

So a better MET seems to increase match winning chances by a very tiny
amount only. The number of decisions in f.i. a 5pt match where using a
different MET will lead to a different decision is very low, and even
when it happens the supposedly inferior MET would often give up only a
tiny amount of equity.

For individual positions, mainly cube decisions, it can occasionaly
make a significant difference though which MET you use.

I'm almost done (recursively) building a custom "GNUBG" MET upto 7
points, that is solely based on GNUBG full rollouts of the opening
position (0-ply play, 2-ply 100%/25% cube). It's closest to the Jacobs
MET it seems, and pretty close to SW 2.1 and mec26, but with a few
small interesting differences. It's in very close agreement with the
Kazaross-Shaw MET (which is finished upto 4-away 4-away now and uses a
similar but more rigorous method).

I'll post it here when it's done (only 6-away 7-away left to be rolled

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