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Why use a match equity table?

From:   Kit Woolsey
Date:   19 February 1999
Subject:   Re: Propagation of error in take point calculation
Google: wrote:
> So, my question is "Why bother with all this math over the board when the
> error in the results might be so large?"  I'll now step back and let the
> REAL math folks cut this "analysis" to shreds.... :)

I'm not a real math folk, so I can't dispute your analysis.  And I will
be the first to admit that there may be errors in my table.  The figures
were not derived on a particularly scientific basis.  There are a
mishmash of empirical data, a program which was based on some assumptions
which may not be sound, a lot of judgment, and some fudging.  Other
people have derived similar match equity tables, all of which are
probably just as inaccurate.

So, why use the tables?  Two reasons.

First of all, they do work.  Even if there are inaccuracies, our
empirical experience has shown that the tables are reasonably accurate.
For most backgammon positions, a player is likely to misassess his winning
chances by far more than any inaccuracy which would come from a match
equity table.

Secondly, we have to have some basis by which to make our cube
decisions.  When faced with a cube decision which may be affected by the
match score, my approach is first to determine what winning chances I
need (taking gammons and recubes appropriately into account) to justify
taking at the match score.  Having done this, I then examine the
position, make my best guess as to my winning chances, and act
accordingly.  I may be wrong, but at least I am making my decision based
on objective criteria as much as possible.  This is superior to just
making a blind guess about the necessary winning chances, which can lead
a player to making a huge cube blunder.

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