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Value of free drop

From:   Neil Kazaross
Date:   28 October 2002
Subject:   Free drop equity using GNU and SW
Forum:   GammOnLine

In preparation for a more modern equity table that I'll be publishing
in a while that will take into account the higher gammon percentages
obtained by bots and likely some bot rollouts as well, I decided to
using both Snowie 4 and GNU to see what they think the equity is at
-2-1 Post Crawford.

I used Snowie 4 on 3 ply precise and took the equity from each of the
best plays for each side for each of the 15 opening rolls. The cubeful
look ahead actually sees the situations it thinks are slightly too good
to cube and also see situations that it thinks are passes after poor
opening throws by the leader. GNU's cubeful look ahead also sees the
same things. Thus, the cubeful look ahead simply can be set to display
the respective bot's opinion of match equity after each of 30 plays.
I did the GNU analysis on 3 ply (which took a while since it is like
Snowie 4 ply)

Anyhow..according to Snowie 4, the trailer's match equity when the
leader has 1 free drop is 48.74 %

According to GNU this match equity is 48.72 %.

If one averages the two very close numbers one can safely use 48.73% as
the match equity at -2-1 Post Crawford.

I realize that rollouts could change this a bit, but I am not considering
doing them at the moment.

> So you mean that if I am behind (-2,-1, post crawford), and I win the
> opening roll, after my move, and my opponents move, sometimes my opponent
> has a drop, but I play on, hoping to win the match with a gammon, rather
> than doubling him out (and letting him use his free drop), and then
> playing the next game for the match?

I didn't really believe this either, but then the German master and author
Harald Johanni did some interactive rollout using JF and his data seemed
pretty conclusive. You basically need a very good opening roll like 31 and
your opponent needs to to throw a poor shot in return. For example after 31
followed by a poor shot like 63 it should be worth the risk of regaining
one's market (becoming an underdog after the worst sequences) to hope to
throw a joker and get real gammon chances. GNU and Snowie agree that some
positions like that are too good at this score.

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