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From:   Keene Marin
Date:   13 September 2005
Subject:   Recommended Reading?
Forum:   GammOnLine

I have recently purchased Robertie's "Advanced Backgammon: Positional"
book, and upon reading the introduction I discovered that Robertie's
plays are all geared to money games and not match play.  Now I am
perfectly happy with that, as I play enough money games for this book to
be a real asset for me, but I was wondering, does anyone have any
recommended reading of a similar level for match play?

Matthias Nilsson  writes:

The only book I know about that covers advanced match play is "Paul
Lamford/Improve your BG". I think every problem in it is analysed with
snowie 3-ply or some kind of rollout.

Stanley E. Richards  writes:

I am also a fan of Lamford's Improve your BG. However, be aware of the
doubling tables given in the back of the book. They do not equal the
doubling tables generated by Snowie theory. In fact the gammonless
redoubling table is vastly different than Snowie.

I have generated doubling tables from Snowie 4.1 theory on Microsoft
Excel. These tables are very helpful. Furthermore, Woolsey's "Five Point
Match" August 1999 GammOnline article is a must read for match players.

happyjuggler0 writes  writes:

I own Lamford's book and I thought it was quite good when I first bought
it a couple of years ago. I learned some things, some of which seem
basic to me now such as 2away/2away theory and practice, and 1away/odd
away postCrawford practical thought. It is a hodgepodge of things (match
play and otherwise) he says were not covered elsewhere in other books,
and anyone looking to learn how to play bg will not like it as a result.
I have always been sceptical of the details of his charts but the
principles involved in those charts strike me as being worthy of

Andreas Graf  writes:

I recommend Backgammon Praxis Volume 1 and 2 from Marty Storer.
Excellent reading!

Doug Doub  writes:

The obvious selection is Kit Woolsey's "How to Play Tournament

Most of the time the best play for money is the best play in a tourney.
You simply need to be aware of the match score, and when you should make
a more aggressive play for a gammon, or a more solid play to avoid
getting gammoned.

Walter Trice's "Backgammon Boot Camp" has extensive material on match

"Backgammon with the Giants: Neil Kazaross" by Ortega and Kleinman is
another fine book.

Danny Kleinman has a great deal about match play in his books.
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