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From:   Carl Tait
Date:   6 April 2000
Subject:   Backgammon Bibliography
Google:   8chvud$

I've been meaning to repost this bibliography for some time and have
finally gotten around to it.  Belated but sincere thanks to David Levy,
Chuck Bower, Mel Leifer, Tom Keith, and Farhan Malik for pointers to
previous bibliographies, help in providing missing data, and general

The goal is to include all English-language books on the game.
Periodicals and isolated articles are not included.  Books by the
same author are listed either chronologically or by increasing level
of difficulty, whichever seems to make more sense.

Bibliographic information is taken from the title page of the first
edition when possible.  Reprints are listed only if they were issued
many years after the original.  "PBO" means the book or reprint was
a paperback original.  In a few cases, I have seen only a paperback and
am not sure if a hardcover ever existed; these books are marked "PBO?"
"NJ" means the book is a hardcover without a dust jacket.

I don't own all of these books (alas!).  Entries followed by "*"
should be treated with caution: they rely on second-hand sources of
information provided in parentheses.  "@@" is a placeholder for
unknown information in such entries.

Corrections, completions, and additions are welcome.  Also, if anyone
has a "*" book for sale, please let me know....

            *** Bibliography of Backgammon Books in English ***

PBO = Paperback original (initially or exclusively issued in softcover)
NJ  = Issued in hardcover without a dust jacket
LC  = Library of Congress listing
*   = Book not seen in person
@@  = Missing information (don't have book to check)

Horr:N = Item number N in:
Norton T. Horr.
A Bibliography of Card-Games and of the History of Playing-Cards.
Cleveland: Charles Orr, 1892 (first edition).
Montclair, NJ: Patterson Smith Publishing Corporation, 1972 (reprint).  79pp.

Jessel:N = Item number N in:
Frederic Jessel.
A Bibliography of Works in English on Playing Cards and Gaming.
New York: Longmans, Green, and Co., 1905 (first edition).
Montclair, NJ: Patterson Smith Publishing Corporation, 1972 (reprint).  311pp.

Yanko =
V. H. Yanko.  Complete Backgammon Bibliography.
Las Vegas Backgammon Magazine, Vol. IX, No. 9, p. 44.  December 1981.
(Many typos and errors; only the obvious mistakes have been corrected)


Baron Vernon Ball.  Alpha Backgammon.
With an Exclusive Section on How to Win through Silva Mind Control.
New York: William Morrow and Company, 1980.  224pp.

Baron Vernon Ball.  How to Make a Fortune at Backgammon.
Hamilton, OH: Creative Marketing Systems, 1982.
* (LC)

James Balmford.  A Short and Plain Dialogue concerning the unlawfulness
of Playing at Cards or Tables.  London, 1593.
* (Horr:134-135)

Ted Barr.  Barr on Backgammon.
A Collection of _The Seattle Times_ Backgammon Columns.
Seattle: The Writing Works, 1981.  202pp.

Bruce Becker.  Backgammon for Blood!
New York: E. P. Dutton & Co., 1974.  176pp.

Peter Bell.  Backgammon: Winning with the Doubling Cube.
Arlington, MA: The Gammon Press, 1997 (PBO).  iv+198pp.

R. C. Bell.  Discovering Backgammon.
Princes Risborough, Aylesbury, Bucks (England):
Shire Publications, 1975 (PBO).  48pp.

Daniel Bellamy.  Backgammon, or the Battle of the Friars, a Tragi-comic
Tale in Verse, to which is added a Short Essay on the Folly of Gaming, by
Way of Application.
London: J. Wilford, 1734.  22pp.
* (Jessel:59, attributed to Bellamy by Yanko)

"Berkeley": see Peel

Ralph A. Bond.  Beginner's Book of Modern Backgammon.
New York: Sears Publishing Company, 1930.  95pp ["New Revised Edition"].
(At least three printings in 1930; New Revised Edition at third printing)
(Probably same as _A Primer on Modern Backgammon_ [Chicago: Bond Games, 1930])
(Bond listing from LC; also in Yanko [as Sears 1932 and Casper 1936])

Robert Bowden.  Challenger Backgammon.
Atlanta: Sports Centers of America, 1977 (PBO).
* (Yanko)

Elizabeth Clark Boyden.  The New Backgammon.
New York: Harcourt, Brace and Company, 1930.  viii+104pp.

Jon Bradshaw: see Cooke/Bradshaw

Chris Bray.  Backgammon -- An Independent View.
Cheddar, Somerset (England): Electra Publishing, 1998 (PBO).  131pp.

Robert Brinig: see Reese/Brinig

Clare Boothe Brokaw [Luce]: see Mabardi/Brokaw [Luce]

Frank Elmer Bruelheide.  Winning Backgammon at Sight.
Chicago: Bruce-Roberts, 1930.
* (LC)

William E. Bushey.
Gammon -- An Approach to the Concept of Strategy in Game Playing Programs.
Postgraduate thesis.  [No further information provided]
* (Yanko)

Alice Howard Cady.  Backgammon.
New York: American Sports Publishing Company, 1895.
* (LC)

Donald Carter.  Backgammon: How to Play and Win.
Los Angeles: Holloway House Publishing Co., 1973 (PBO).  247pp.

Robin A. Clay.  Backgammon [a "Teach Yourself" book].
Sevenoaks, Kent (England): Hodder and Stoughton, 1977 (first edition [PBO]).
Lincolnwood (Chicago), IL: NTC Publishing, 1993 (reprint [PBO]).
Both editions x+164pp.

Robin Clay.  Backgammon: Winning Strategies.
London: Pan Books, 1996 (PBO).  xi+244pp.

Barclay Cooke and Jon Bradshaw.  Backgammon: The Cruelest Game.
New York: Random House, 1974.  210pp.

Barclay Cooke.  Paradoxes and Probabilities.
New York: Random House, 1978.  184pp.

Barclay Cooke and Rene Orlean.  Championship Backgammon.
Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1980.  xi+338pp.

W. H. Copeland.  Backgammon -- Know the Game.
Yorkshire, England: E. P. Publishing, 1975.
* (Yanko)

Peter Crandall.  Win at Backgammon.
Toronto: Coles, 1980 (PBO).  104pp.

John R. Crawford: see Jacoby/Crawford

Gregory E. Dahms.  Backgammon: Computer Computations for Exact
Settlement Values and Doubling Decisions in the Late Backgame.
Ottawa: Carleton University, 1978 (pamphlet).
* (Yanko)

Lewis Deyong.  Backgammon - Learning to Win.
London: Barrie & Jenkins, 1977.  247pp.

Lewis Deyong.  Playboy's Book of Backgammon.
Chicago: Playboy Press, 1977.  viii+295pp.

Jack Dillon.  How to Play Acey Deucey.
Albert Whitman & Co., 1943.
* (Yanko)

David Dor-El.  The Clermont Book of Backgammon.
London: Queen Anne Press, 1975.  147pp.

Joe Dwek.  Backgammon for Profit.
Briarcliff Manor, NY: Stein and Day, 1976.  191pp.

F. England.  Modern Backgammon.
de la Rue, 1930.
* (Yanko)

W. D. Eyre.  Taking Some of the Luck Out of Backgammon.
Ramapo Publishing Co., 1931.
* (Yanko)

Family Herald Handy Books.
How to Play Draughts, Backgammon, Dominoes and Minor Games at Cards.
London: R. Blake, 1864.  63pp.
Horr:450 looks very much the same:
   Family Herald Family Book.
   How to play Draughts, Back-gammon, Dominos and minor Games at Cards.
   London: W. Stevens, no date.  10pp [sic].
* (Jessel:502)

Martin B. Fischer: see Heyken/Fischer

F. Y. Flinton.  Backgammon Elementary Moves.
Winning Way, 1940.
* (Yanko)

Nicholas Frantzis.  Seven Popular Games of Backgammon.
Hicksville, NY: Exposition Press, 1979.
* (LC)

Roy Friedman.  World Class Backgammon Move by Move.
Thirty-one annotated games between two-time World Champion Bill Robertie
and international star Rick Barabino.  Foreword by Joe Sylvester.
Lexington, MA: Roy Friedman, 1989 (spiral-bound PBO).  ix+225pp.

Peter Nicholas Gatsos.
Modern Backgammon in a Nutshell (Backgammon as a Military Conflict).
Cleveland: J. Poly & Sons, 1930.
* (LC)

Lee Genud.  Lee Genud's Backgammon Book.
Los Angeles: Cliff House Books, 1974 (PBO?).  158pp.

Walter Gibson.  Backgammon.
Secaucus, NJ: Castle Books, 1974.  144pp.
Probably the same as these LC listings by the same author:
   Backgammon: The Way to Play and Win (New York: Harper & Row, 1974)
   Fell's Guide to Winning Backgammon  (New York: F. Fell Publishers, 1974)
   How to Win at Backgammon            (New York: Grosset & Dunlap, 1978)

Suzanne Goldberg and Robert Hamilton.  Rules of the Game: Backgammon.
San Francisco: Gamescape Publications, 1996 (PBO).  148pp.
(Rules *and* basic strategy, despite the title)

James T. Goldsmith.  Harrap's Easy Guide to Backgammon.
London: Harrap, 1975.
* (LC)

Charles H. Goren.  Goren's Modern Backgammon Complete.
Technical consultant: Charles Papazian.
Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Company, 1974.  vii+208pp.

Kent Goulding.  Backgammon with the Champions.
Kensington, MD: KG Publications, 1981 (three pamphlets).
* (Yanko and

William Green.  The Backgammon Teacher.  A Treatise New and Original
throughout; to which is added a familiar exposition of the manner of
calculating chances, with a new table of Odds and a new Code of Laws.
London: Baldwin and Craddock, 1819.  40pp.
* (Jessel:675)

Robert Hamilton: see Goldberg/Hamilton

Frederic Hardy.  Handbook of Draughts and Backgammon.
With Illustrative Diagrams.  London: Frederick Warne, 1867.  96pp.
* (David Levy)

Lelia Hattersley.  How to Play the New Backgammon.
Garden City, NY: Doubleday, Doran & Company, 1930.  133pp.
Reprint: Backgammon to Win.  New York: Award Books, 1974 (PBO).  136pp.
(Reprint intro was modified; e.g., "[BG] is not too exacting" was cut)

Hal Heinrich: see Woolsey/Heinrich

Ron Held.  The Backgammon Pocket Dictionary.
Garrucha (Almeria), Spain: European Backgammon News, 1995 (PBO).  72pp.

Enno Heyken and Martin B. Fischer.  The Backgammon Handbook.
Ramsbury, Marlborough, Wiltshire (England): The Crowood Press, 1990.  232pp.
(English translation by John Littlewood; orig. in German: Falken-Verlag, 1989)

William J. Hiss: see Walling/Hiss

Tim Holland.  Beginning Backgammon.
A new and pleasurable method of learning by playing against the master.
New York: David McKay Company, 1973.  xi+209pp.

Tim Holland.  Better Backgammon.
New York: David McKay Company, 1974.  vi+122pp.

Tim Holland.  Backgammon for People Who Hate to Lose.
New York: David McKay Company, 1977.  vi+153pp.

Millard Hopper.  Backgammon.
New York: A. S. Barnes and Company, 1941.
Reprint: Win at Backgammon.  New York: Dover Publications, 1972 (PBO).
Both editions ix+111pp.

Gaby Horowitz and Dr. Bruce Roman.  Dynamic Cube Strategy.
Beverly Hills: Advanced Backgammon Enterprises, 1980.  xii+134pp.

Edmond Hoyle.  A Short Treatise on the Game of Back-Gammon.
London: F. Cogan, 1743.  69pp.  (Jessel:777)
(Included in many later volumes such as _Mr. Hoyle's Games of Whist,
Quadrille, Piquet, Chess and Back-Gammon_ [London: T. Osborne, c1770])

Edmond Hoyle.  The Laws of the Game of Backgammon designed for Framing.
London: F. Cogan, 1743.
* (Jessel:785 [from an advertisement])

R. Hoyle.  How to Play Backgammon.
Laurie, 1931.
* (Yanko)

Jake Jacobs and Walter Trice.
Can a Fish Taste Twice as Good?: Doubling in an Unequal Match.
[City not given]: ToBak Press, 1996 (spiral-bound PBO).  vi+114pp.

Jake Jacobs.  A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Four-Point!
The Backgammon Writings of Jake Jacobs (1990-1996).
[City not given]: ToBak Press, 1997 (spiral-bound PBO).  196pp.

James and Mary Zita Jacoby.  The New York Times Book of Backgammon.
New York: Quadrangle/The New York Times Book Co., 1973.  ix+175pp.

Oswald Jacoby and John R. Crawford.  The Backgammon Book.
New York: The Viking Press, 1970.  224pp.

Ted James: see Obolensky/James

Lloyd Jerauld: see Labins/Jerauld

Henry Jones [Cavendish].
The Pocket Guide to Backgammon and Russian Backgammon.
London: de la Rue, 1878.  21pp.
* (Jessel:1010 and David Levy)

Prince Djoli Kansil.  Backgammon!
Honolulu: Victoria Publishers, 1974 (PBO).  80pp.

Prince Joli Kansil.  The Backgammon Quiz Book.
Chicago: Playboy Press Paperbacks, 1978 (PBO).  288pp.

Neil Kazaross: see Ortega/Kazaross

Emmett Keeler and Joel Spencer.
Proper Raising Points in a Generaliztion of Backgammon.
Pamphlet publication, 1969.
* (Yanko -- order of authors uncertain; the book is listed twice)

Bill Kennedy and Chuck Papazian.  Backgammon Master Games.
Palo Alto, CA: Shima Publishing, 1981.  vii+215pp.

[NOTE: Danny Kleinman's books exist in two editions: the original
typed and self-published volumes (PBO or spiral-bound PBO), and a more
recent printed edition published by Larry Strommen in cooperation with
Kleinman (spiral-bound PBO).  The Strommen edition is not yet complete.]

Danny Kleinman.  Vision Laughs at Counting with Advice to the Dicelorn.
Los Angeles: Danny Kleinman, 1980 (PBO; two volumes).  438pp [total].
19@@ (spiral-bound PBO; two volumes [?]), 435pp [total].

Danny Kleinman.  Wonderful World of Backgammon.
Los Angeles: Danny Kleinman, 1981 (PBO).  132pp.
1996 (spiral-bound PBO), iv+136pp.

Danny Kleinman.  Meanwhile, Back at the Chouette.
Los Angeles: Danny Kleinman, 1981 (PBO).  142pp.
1996 (spiral-bound PBO), iv+149pp.

Danny Kleinman.  Double-Sixes from the Bar.
Los Angeles: Danny Kleinman, 19@@ (PBO).  135pp.
1998 (spiral-bound PBO), iv+137pp.

Danny Kleinman.  Is There Life After Backgammon?
Los Angeles: Danny Kleinman, 19@@ (PBO).  148pp.
1997 (spiral-bound PBO), iv+150pp.

Danny Kleinman.  How Can I Keep From Dancing?
Los Angeles: Danny Kleinman, 19@@ (PBO).  134pp.
1999 (spiral-bound PBO), iv+126pp.

Danny Kleinman.  The Dice Conquer All.
Los Angeles: Danny Kleinman, 19@@ (PBO).  228pp.
* (from page 1 of _Vision Laughs at Counting_)

Danny Kleinman.  How Little We Know About Backgammon.
Los Angeles: Danny Kleinman, 19@@ (PBO).  168pp.
* (from page 1 of _Vision Laughs at Counting_)

Danny Kleinman.  The Other Side of Midnight.
Los Angeles: Danny Kleinman, 19@@ (PBO).  142pp.
* (from page 1 of _Vision Laughs at Counting_)

Danny Kleinman.  ... But Only the Hogs Win Backgammons.
Los Angeles: Danny Kleinman, 1991 (spiral-bound PBO).  244pp.

Danny Kleinman.  A Backgammon Book for Gabriel.
Los Angeles: Danny Kleinman, 1994 (spiral-bound PBO).  144pp.

Danny Kleinman.  Long Road to Gammon.
Los Angeles: Danny Kleinman, 1995 (spiral-bound PBO).  176pp.

Danny Kleinman: also see Ortega/Kleinman and Ortega/Madrigal/Kleinman

Mike Labins and Lloyd Jerauld (Volume 1);
Mike Labins, Marty Storer, and Bill Tallmadge (Volume 2).
Competitive Backgammon: A Collection of World Class Games.
Syracuse, NY: Competitive Backgammon Publications, 1980 (PBO).
   Volume 1: Featuring Lee Genud, Jim Pasko, and Katie Wright.  73pp.
   Volume 2: Featuring Paul Magriel.  87pp.

Paul Lamford.  Improve Your Game: 100 Backgammon Puzzles.
London: Chameleon Books, 1999 (PBO).  128pp.

Michael S. Lawrence.  Winning Backgammon.
New York: Pinnacle Books, 1973 (PBO).  viii+239pp.

John Leet.  Winning Backgammon.
New York: Sterling Publishing Co., 1998 (PBO).  128pp.

John Longacre.  Backgammon of Today.
Philadelphia: The John C. Winston Company, 1930.  132pp (first edition).
New York: Bell Publishing Company, 1973.  130pp (reprint; includes a
new two-page intro by Sam Fry, but sets the glossary in smaller type).

Clare Boothe Brokaw [Luce]: see Mabardi/Brokaw [Luce]

Georges Mabardi and Clare Boothe Brokaw [Luce].
Vanity Fair's Backgammon to Win.
New York: Horace Liveright, 1930.  158pp (first edition).
New York: Simon and Schuster, 1974.  145pp (reprint; no "Rules for 1931,"
and the cartoons of dice, drinks, and tobacco products were excised).

Mario Madrigal: see Ortega/Madrigal/Kleinman

Paul Magriel and Penny Mintz.  The Game of Backgammon.
Hong Kong: Topalco, 1973.
(An Internet used book site listed a 23pp book of this title with
Magriel as sole author, published by Bantam Books in New York [no date])
* (referenced in Magriel's _Backgammon_)

Paul Magriel.  Backgammon.
New York: Quadrangle/The New York Times Book Co., 1976 (first edition).
Arlington, MA: The Gammon Press, 19@@ (reprint [PBO]).  xii+404pp.

Paul Magriel.  An Introduction to Backgammon: A Step-By-Step Guide.
New York: Quadrangle/The New York Times Book Co., 1977.  154pp.
(A subset of Magriel's _Backgammon_: Section I plus back game chapter)

N. Marache.
Marache's Manual of Chess with the Games of Backgammon and Dominoes.
New York: Dick & Fitzgerald, 1866 (NJ [printed boards]).  iv+156pp.

Phillip Martyn.  Phillip Martyn on Backgammon.
Written with the assistance of Stuart Wheeler.
London: Stanley Paul & Co., 1976.  188pp.

Penny Mintz: see Magriel/Mintz

J. Moffet.  Backgammon Calculator.
Doubleday, 1974.
* (Yanko)

J. du C. Vere Molyneux.  Begin Backgammon.
England Paperfronts, 1979 (PBO).  125pp.
* (listing on an Internet used book site)

Grosvenor Nicholas.  Modern Backgammon.
New York: Henry Holt and Company, 1928.  xii+110pp.

Grosvenor Nicholas and C. Wheaton Vaughan.
Winning Backgammon Problems and Answers.
New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1930.  xii+103pp.

Prince Alexis Obolensky and Ted James.  Backgammon: The Action Game.
New York: The Macmillan Company, 1969.  171pp.

Prince Alexis Obolensky.  Backgammon, Rules and Rulings, Book 1.
New York: The Macmillan Company, 1974.
* (Yanko and [which lists the date as 1976])

Rene Orlean: see Cooke/Orlean

Antonio Ortega.  Fascinating Backgammon.
Arlington, MA: The Gammon Press, 1994.
* (; date from C. Bower)

Antonio Ortega and Neil Kazaross.  Costa Rica 1993.
@@: @@, 19@@.
* (old Gammon Press catalogue; book is now out of print)

Antonio Ortega, Mario Madrigal, and Danny Kleinman.
Backgammon: Costa Rica 1994 (Senkiewicz vs. Svobodny).
San Jose, Costa Rica: Editorama, 1996 (spiral-bound PBO).  161pp.

Antonio Ortega and Danny Kleinman.
Cubes and Gammons Near the End of a Match.
San Jose, Costa Rica: Editorama, 1997 (spiral-bound PBO).  122pp.

Antonio Ortega and Danny Kleinman.
Jerry Grandell: His Most Important Matches.
San Jose, Costa Rica: Editorama, 1999 (PBO).  viii+214pp.

Chuck Papazian: see Goren (technical consultant) and Kennedy/Papazian

George F. Pardon.  Backgammon: Its History and Practice.
London: D. Bogue, 1844.  viii+79pp+16pp ads (first edition [NJ]).
New York: Barry Vail, 1931.  viii+79pp (reprint [with parchment wrapper
and slipcase]; 300 copies printed; cover is labeled _Comic Backgammon_).
(Pardon's name does not appear in the book; the attribution is based on
the LC listing and the discussion in Jacoby and Crawford, pp. 40-41.
Jessel:14 attributes the book to "An Amateur.")

George F. Pardon.  Backgammon: Its Theory and Practice.
London: C. H. Clarke, 1860.  vi+111pp.
* (Jessel:1278 says this is "little more than a reprint" of the 1844 book.
1279: same book publ. as _Beeton's Handbook of Backgammon_, 1866.  94pp.)

George F. Pardon.  Backgammon & Draughts (or Checkers), Comprising G. F.
Pardon's Complete Work and Many Valuable Parts of Andrew Anderson's "Checkers."
New York: Frederick A. Stokes Company, 1889 (NJ).  126pp.
(This is Jessel:1280, erroneously titled _Backgammon_ based on a listing from
the "American Catalogue."  This book has nothing in common with the 1844 book.)

George F. Pardon.  A Handbook of Draughts.  With a Chapter on Backgammon.
Routledge, c1863.  95pp.
* (listing on an Internet used book site -- same as one of the above?)

W. H. Peel, writing as "Berkeley" [quotation marks in original].
Draughts and Backgammon [from "The Club Series"].
London: G. Bell & Sons, 1911 (cloth-reinforced PBO).  112pp.
Reprinted 1936 (no mention of 1911 issue; is there an even earlier printing?)
("Berkeley" identification from Jessel's listings of other Peel books)

Susan Perry.  How to Play Backgammon.
Mankato, MN: Creative Education, 1981 (NJ).  40pp.
(An intro book for children)

Bar Point [pseudonym].  Backgammon Up To Date, with Thumb Index and
27 Diagrams.  An Ideal Reference for Novice or Expert.
London: Thomas de la Rue, 1932 (reprint).  51pp.
* (David Levy and Yanko [who gives the date as 1931])

Arthur Prager.
Underhanded Backgammon: A Devious Guide to the Art of Backhanded Backgammon.
New York: Hawthorn Books, 1977 (PBO).  116pp.

Arman Ratip.  How to Play Backgammon.
London: Spring Books, 1977.  61pp.

Terence Reese and Robert Brinig.  Backgammon: The Modern Game.
New York: Sterling Publishing Co., 1976.

Walter L. Richard.  Complete Backgammon.
Philadelphia: David McKay Company, 1940 (first printing 1931).  xiv+116pp.
(LC info on first printing: New York: Cosmopolitan Book Corporation, 1931)

Bill Robertie.  Backgammon for Winners.
New York: Cardoza Publishing, 1993.  89pp (first edition [PBO]).
1995.  131pp (second edition [PBO]).

Bill Robertie.  Backgammon for Serious Players.
New York: Cardoza Publishing, 1997 (PBO).  186pp.

Bill Robertie.  501 Essential Backgammon Problems.
New York: Cardoza Publishing, 2000 (PBO).  384pp.

Bill Robertie.  Advanced Backgammon.
Arlington, MA: The Gammon Press, 1984 (first edition in one volume [PBO]).
1991 (second edition in two volumes: Positional Play [v+272pp] and
Technical Play [270pp] [both PBO]).

Bill Robertie.
Lee Genud vs. Joe Dwek: The 1981 World Championship of Backgammon.
Arlington, MA: William Robertie, 1982.  ii+171pp.

Bill Robertie.  Reno 1986.
Arlington, MA: The Gammon Press, 19@@ (PBO).
* (

Bill Robertie.  Learning from the Machine: Bill Robertie versus TD-Gammon.
Arlington, MA: The Gammon Press, 1993 (PBO).  51pp.

Bruce Roman: see Horowitz/Roman

Reuben Roy.  Roy's Game of Backgammon, wherein the Principles of the Game
are explained, and the Directions of the best Players and Authorities have
been compared and revised.
London: H. K. Causton, c1848.
* (Jessel:1465 [from an advertisement])

Joel Spencer: see Keeler/Spencer

Rick Steed.  Backgammon: The Meanest Game.
Copyright 1975 by Rick Steed.  Lettering by Gary Ferguson.
"Dedicated to Marti -- with special appreciation to the Westside Syndicate"
(A book of cartoons)
* (posting to by Albert Steg, 26 August 1998)

Don Stern.  Backgammon: The Quick Course to Winning Play.
New York: Drake Publishers, 1973.  224pp.
(First edition includes "Practi-gammon," a miniature board and pieces)
(Is this the same as _Backgammon_ [New York: F. Watts, 1977]?) (LC)

J. W. Stewart.  How to Play Backgammon.
London: Gaskill and Marriot, 1902.  32pp.
* (Jessel:1542)

Marty Storer and Bill Tallmadge.  Magriel in Boston.
@@: @@, 1980.
* (referenced in Labins/Storer/Tallmadge's _Competitive Backgammon Vol. 2_)

Marty Storer: also see Labins/Storer/Tallmadge

Joshua Sturges.  Hand Book of Draughts and Backgammon.
The Draught Player's Hand Book.
Philadelphia: H. F. Anners [1852?].
* (LC)

Joe Sylvester: see Friedman (foreword)

Bill Tallmadge: see Labins/Storer/Tallmadge and Storer/Tallmadge

Oh Tee.  Backgammon as Played in Hollywood.
Hollywood: E. Hays Press, 1930.
* (LC)

Dave Thompson.  Play Backgammon Tonight.
Las Vegas: Gambler's Book Club, 1976.
* (Yanko and [which lists the date as 1983])

Harold Thorne.  Backgammon in 20 Minutes.
New York: E. P. Dutton & Co., 1930.  49pp [seventh printing].
(At least seven printings in 1930; revised edition at fourth printing)

Harold Thorne.  Backgammon Tactics.
Containing 50 backgammon problems with answers * A complete back game
fully explained * Authorized laws for 1931.
New York: E. P. Dutton & Co., 1931.  80pp.

Edward O. Thorp.
Backgammon -- The Optimal Strategy for the Pure Running Game.
Irvine, CA: University of California, 1975.
* (Yanko)

Jon Tremaine.  The Amazing Book of Backgammon.
Edison, NJ: Chartwell Books, 1995.  125pp.

Walter Trice: see Jacobs/Trice

Nicolaos and Vassilios Tzannes.  How Good are You at Backgammon?
New York: Simon and Schuster, 1974 (spiral-bound PBO; very poor
quality paper).  160pp.

Nicolaos and Basil Tzannes.  Backgammon Games and Strategies.
South Brunswick, NJ: A. S. Barnes and Company, 1977.  267pp.
(Rules and strategies for Hit [Portes], Plakoto, Moultezim, and Gioul)

C. Wheaton Vaughan: see Nicholas/Vaughan

Bob Wachtel.  In the Game Until the End: Winning in Ace-Point Endgames.
Arlington, MA: The Gammon Press, 1993 (PBO).  103pp.

William H. Walling and William J. Hiss.
Backgammon Standards: How to Win at Backgammon.
New York: Simon and Schuster, 1930.  149pp.

Jeff Ward.  Winning is More Fun.
San Diego: Aquarian Enterprises, 1981.
* (Yanko)

Jeff Ward.  The Doubling Cube in Backgammon.
San Diego: Aquarian Enterprises, 1982.  vii+186pp.
* ( and David Levy)

Jeff Ward.  Secrets of Winning at Backgammon.
Pocket Books, 1984 (PBO?).
Possible alternative title:
   Winning Backgammon.  New York: Simon and Schuster, 1986 (PBO?).
* (both from

Stuart Wheeler: see Martyn (writing assistant)

Robert Withy.  Hoyle Abridged.  A Treatise on Back-Gammon; or Short Rules
for Short Memories, with the Laws of the Game.  Adapted either for the Head
or Pocket.  By Bob Short, Jun[ior].  Printed for the Benefit of Families to
Prevent Wrangling.
London: T. and J. Allman, 1819.
* (Jessel:1712-1717)

Kit Woolsey.  MatchQiz series.
Arlington, MA: The Gammon Press, 1994 (spiral-bound PBO).
   1. Sylvester vs. Ballard, June 1989.  140pp.
   2. Greiner vs. Marmorstein, May 1991.  228pp.
   3. Lidov vs. Heinrich, July 1990.  211pp.

Kit Woolsey.  How to Play Tournament Backgammon.
Arlington, MA: The Gammon Press, 1993 (PBO).  50pp.

Kit Woolsey and Hal Heinrich.  New Ideas in Backgammon.
Arlington, MA: The Gammon Press, 1996 (PBO).  xi+336pp.

Kit Woolsey.  Backgammon: Master versus Amateur, Volume 1.
Arlington, MA: The Gammon Press, 2000 (PBO).  i+91pp.

(Books whose authors are unknown are listed chronologically)

[Unknown].  Rules and Directions for Playing the Game of Backgammon.
London: H. Symonds and others, 1798.  32pp.
* (Jessel:60-61; Yanko lists both Symonds and "Unknown" as the author)

[Unknown].  Backgammon and Bagatelle.
New York: Street & Smith, 1891.
(It's not clear whether this is a book about the game)
* (LC)

[Unknown].  How to Play Modern Backgammon.  Containing the Official
Rules as adopted and played by the leading New York Clubs.
New York: J. S. Ogilvie Publishing Company, 1930.  16pp (first edition [PBO]).
Three Sirens Press, no date [c1950].  16pp (reprint [PBO]).

[Unknown].  Backgammon, Rules for the Standard Game and Modern Variations.
Springfield, MA: Milton Bradley Co., 1930.
* (Yanko)

[Unknown].  Laws of Backgammon.
Scribner, 1931.
* (Yanko)

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