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What's a good second book?

From:   Tommy
Date:   3 December 2000
Subject:   Backgammon books...choosing the good ones
Google:   IEpW5.85763$

I bought Bill Robertie's book, Backgammon For Serious Players, and I
found it to be excellent.  Now i need more, but i'm not sure which book to
go to next. Some one please help.  I need a book that will help me
correctly evaluate when to double, when to take doubles, exact
probabilities or recurring situations like race-offs and elaborate on many
of the important issues that Robertie covers in his book.

  I have been trying to decide between Kit Woolsey and Hal Heinrich's book,
New Ideas in Backgammon; Robertie's books 501 Essential Backgammon Problems
and Advanced Backgammon V I and II; and Paul Magriel's book Backgammon from

  Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank You

Alan Webb  writes:

My order of purchase was Robertie serious players, Backgammon (Magriel),
New Ideas in Backgammon (Kit Woolsey), Roberties Advanced Backgammon Vol 1.
And I'm just about through Roberties "501 essential backgamm positions"
(btw. anyone rolled them out yet? I'm not sure if the author did before

Another book worth considering I think is How to win tournament backgammon
(?) by Kit Woolsey. Lots of cube strategy for match play apparently. (Did I
already mention it's Cristmas soon? :-)

All the books listed do delve into cube handling. (less so Magriels
Backgammon, but a must have anyway imo.) Roberties 501 has many cube
problems which are well explained. Paul Lamfords "Improve your game" is
well worth the paltry 5$ it costs as well (I loved the PRAT anagram.)

Bob Stringer  writes:

They're pricey, but Kit Woolsey's MatchQiz disks (which I
recommend in DOS -- on floppies, rather than in Snowie mode) are
terrific.  Aside from the education, it's simply fun to re-play
some very fine games and listen to what Kit has to say about them.

Doesn't address your specific question about doubles, recurring
situations, etc.  What they do show is how a game evolves and how
a great player thinks about it.  Similar to Kit's annotations at
GammOnLine.  So, if you don't want to pay a lot, subscribe to GOL
and view the annotated monthly matches, and well as the continuing
online match.

Douglas Zare  writes:

I agree with what others have said, but I would like to point out that if
the only other backgammon book you have read is _Backgammon for Serious
Players_ then the choices you mention are all possibilities except for the
first one. _New Ideas in Backgammon_ is great for someone who already knows
the things you say you would like to learn plus a lot more, but it assumes
that you already know what the usual theory is. It shows you how experts
can make "mistakes" in certain positions that computer programs get right.
However, I would first worry about making gross blunders by not knowing the
standard ideas.
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