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From:   Walter Trice
Date:   6 January 2000
Subject:   Re: Which book next?

Alan Webb wrote:
> I'm the proud owner of several bg books. Magriel's "backgammon"; Roberties
> "..for beginners",".. for serious players" and "Advanced Backgammon Vol.1"
> and Kit woolseys "New ideas in backgammon."
> I'm now at a stage where I need to go deeper into a top players thought
> processes and was wondering if there are any good annotated matches in
> book form rather than isolated position books. Ideal would be a book full
> of reasons why a move is made. I believe there is a book with a Joe Dwek
> match or something like that. Can anyone recommend a book of this kind
> for a strongish intermediate?

In addition to the Woolsey/Heinrich MatchQiz (some available in book form)
there are:

Robertie's "Reno '86" -- probably the best match book ever, and Robertie's
best book. Bill's first book was also a match annotation: "Lee Genud vs.
Joe Dwek: The 1981 World Championship of Backgammon." The play and the
analysis is a bit old at this point, but still worth some study.

The "Costa Rica '93/'94" books -- very thorough/accurate analysis &
reasonably well written. A brand new book by the same authors (Ortega &
Kleinman) has just come out: "Jerry Grandell: His Most Important Matches".
I haven't seen it, but I don't doubt that it sustains the quality of the
Costa Rica books.

Roy Friedman's "World Class Backgammon" -- Roy has some ideas you won't
find anywhere else, especially in regards to tailoring checker play to
match score.

Kent Goulding's "Backgammon with the Champions" series -- long out of
print, hard to find, and a bit outdated, but Kent gives you great insight
into how the experts think.

Danny Kleinman's books -- most contain an annotated match or 2. In spite of
the fact that Kleinman never was a great player and there are a fair number
of errors in his analyses, his explanations of the tactical nuances of
checker play are outstanding.

Someone mentioned Barclay Cooke's "Championship Backgammon" -- don't
bother. Cooke was a hopeless player and his books are riddled with major
misconceptions about backgammon strategy. Historical interest only.

For an ambitious intermediate, I'd recommend Goulding first, then Robertie,
then Woolsey/Heinrich, then the Ortega (Costa Rica) books, with the others
as 'extra credit' supplements.

-- Walter Trice
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