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From:   William Hill
Date:   19 January 1998
Subject:   Re: Backgammon books: comments please.

Here is a list of most of the backgammon books I have and what I think of

1) The Backgammon Handbook by Enno Heyken and Martin B. Fischer. UK
publisher: Crowood

This is probably the best one I have. The authors are German so it should
be available where you are, look around. All the different types of game
are discussed and there are two sections on doubling strategy. Plenty of
examples and tests, definitely a book for intermediate to expert players.

2) The Amazing book of Backgammon by Jon Tremaine. UK publisher: Tiger
Books International

More of a beginners book but beautifully illustrated. Covers all the
basics of the game, a bit weak on doubling strategy but good section on
the backgame and return play. Also a humourous section on the Psychology
of Backgammon, well worth a read.

3) The New York Times Book of Backgammon by James and Mary Zita jacoby.
Publisher A & C Black

Another book for the relative beginner. Cover most of the basics quite
well in the form of 12 lessons. Very short section on doubling. All in
all, nothing special here.

4) Backgammon for winners by Bill Robertie. Publisher: Cardoza Publishing

Again, cover the basics well in the form of lessons. Not detailed enough
though and I found only one tip that was of any real use. Almost
everything else is covered better in book 1) above.

5) Teach Yourself Backgammon by Robin Clay. Publisher: Hodder and

Covers the basics like most of the others but does have a section on
duplication which is quite helpful.

6) Begin Backgammon by J. duC. Vere Molyneux. Publisher: Elliot Right Way
Books( Paperfronts)

Another Basic book but it does have an interesting section on variations
of Backgammon e.g. domino backgammon. Nothing special but cheap.

7) Win at Backgammon by Millard Hopper Publisher: Dover Books

A rather dated book covering little more than the rules, it was first
published in 1941.

8) The Backgammon Book by Oswald Jacoby and John R. Crawford  Publisher:
Pan (paperback)

Certainly a good book for the beginner, it covers all the basics well.
Also includes short sections on Chouette, settlements and  backgammon
variations. Along with a few lighthearted anecdotes on the game. Probably
the first book I bought but 1) or 2) above do the same things and more,
only much better.

9)Backgammon:Winning Strategies by Robin Clay    Publisher:Pan 1996

A worthwhile addition to the library of intermediate players, it contains a
good self-test section, so you can check what standard your at and later
take the tests again to gauge your improvement. Plenty of good ideas, well
worth the asking price(it's cheaper in the UK).

Hope this helps.

Regards William Hill, illium on FIBS
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