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From:   chinaski
Date:   2 June 2008
Subject:   Good Online Backgammon Sites
Forum:   BGonline

Since GamesGrid
has officially closed I have been trying out alternative online sites. I
really liked the GamesGrid interface as well as their Tournaments there. I
am a regular player on FIBS
but I am looking at possibly playing for small stakes. So far I have
checked out GammonEmpire/Play65,
and Backgammon Masters
and have found things to both like and dislike about each site. Is there a
consensus on this forum as to what are the good online sites both for money
play as well as tourneys? Thanks in advance for your help.

Neil Kazaross  writes:

has lots of no money tournaments of different types throughout the day.
They also have small money small tournaments in the evenings. Tournaments
are timed! And I know for a fact that they aggressively look for cheaters.
There are a couple more good players there lately.

Stanley Richards  writes:

The consensus on this forum is that there are no good money online sites.
GammonEmpire/Play65 has a poor reputation due to some suspicious
punishments against players. The suspicious punishments have not been
numerous, but they have been indefensible.

Backgammon Masters does not provide game logs to evaluate games with bots.
Several excellent players have lost at this site. There are no logs to
indicate whether these world class players were playing bot caliber

does not accept American business, thus I cannot offer an opinion. Others
may enlighten you. TrueMoneyGames
has a general good reputation but a small number of active players. I just
do not know anything about NetGammon.

I suggest Play65. They are not a good site. But they might be the best
option due to number of players.

Lucky  writes:

Most action I get is on gammonempire/play65. 95% of my action is there.

Misja Alma  writes:

PartyGammon is a good site to play on, if they allow you to. Plus points

- Never any trouble to withdraw money.
- always some opponents to play against.
- no public ratings (they can be found inside the hand histories though).

Minus points:

- Occasionally I have suspected my opponent to use a bot. But those players
  always disappeared after a while, so it looks like PartyGammon is taking
  measures against them.
- There are hardly any players for the money sit-and-go's.
- Last but not least: Americans are not allowed to play.

Bob Koka  writes:

For no moneyplay try dailygammon.

Motiv4u  writes:

TrueMoneyGames comes closest to the GamesGrid interface.

David Rockwell  writes:

My wife Linda and I play on VOG.
Walter Trice plays there as well. Otherwise, there are few serious players.
Besides having few serious players, the number of weak players is low too.
They have good graphics and a good system. I like their tournament and
rating structure. Tournament matches are timed at two or three minutes plus
2 seconds per move or something like that. All matches are automatically
saved in .mat format. There is a facility for money play which is seldom
used. (They use "tokens".) Don't expect to win real money unless you bring
your fish with you. There are a small number of tournaments a year with
money added - I think it is $600 per event now. I have not seen any
cheating in more than five years on the site. The cost of membership is
relatively low. Guests may play. But, they can not play in tournaments and
can not get record of their matches. Most play is tournament play since the
site lacks critical mass.

The site also offers several variants including acey-deucy and several
foreign backgammon variants. There's one variant called Crazy Narde which
is unbelievably wild and yet is a difficult skill based game. There are
pros in each of the foreign variants.

I'd love to see more serious players join this site. It could be a good
site, but it is likely to disappoint in the absence of an increase in
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