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From:   Kenny Lee Smith
Date:   21 June 1998
Subject:   Which BG server is the best value?

My membership in Games Grid and Netgammon is coming due soon
and I was just thinking about which to keep, which to drop.

Games Grid has got to go simply because it is twice as expensive
as it's closest competitor and the new program, with IE 4.0 guts,
is so darned slow to load.

Netgammon, I think I'll keep because it is so cheap, even though
I think the dice are a little funny there.  Plus there is always a game
24 hours a day.  It does have the most players at any given time.

VOG, of course, is no problem now, since it has everything
the other's do and is FREE!!!!!  And, if they don't charge more than
Netgammon, I will definitely keep it even after they do charge.

The Gaming Zone is also FREE!!!  I don't play there much
because it is not comparable with the other 3 in what it offers.
FIBS is also FREE!!! but doesn't have the cool interface,
at least, not without a lot of trouble setting up.

So, basically, my determination of the best value in BG servers
for the future is Netgammon and VOG.

I know that everybody else is facing the same decision.
Is there any other view as to the best value in BG servers
out there?  Have I missed one that should be considered?

Kenny Lee Smith


David D. Wright  writes:

If money is the issue then you must do what meets your budget.  Games Grid
and FIBS by far have the most talented players.  I find myself picking up
bad habits on some of these other servers where the players are weak and
easily exploited with risky play that they let me get away with.  For
example on VOG I have played over 200 games, that is 40 matches -- 33 wins
and only 7 losses; my rating is 1930 (VOG starts you at 1600).  I would
never have gotten that far in GG or FIBS (1830 equivalent) in 200 games.
Also at the VOG everyone gets an unreal amount of doubles, very suspicious,
it evens out, but I wonder if they hand out  feel good doubles and start
everyone at 1600 as a marketing ploy.  They will be charging soon.  The
other free servers don't have as good of a game interface.  On the bright,
side you can still be a guest on Games Grid and at least watch the good
players and play FIBS for free.

You will never get better, unless you play people who are better; that is
the best value for your time and effort.

Rodrigo Andrade  writes:

Here goes my verdict, in order of personal preference.

First, let's see those that can be accessed through client software - I
like those more because they're faster, and waiting is not one of my

1. GamesGrid: tough players, cool GUI, sysops always around to help you
whenever you need, natural-looking dice (I mean, not really biased),
friendly environment, being a guest isn't really bad, VERY FAST

2. FIBS: FREE ratings , world-class players, choice of GUIs (I use WinFIBS
and I LOVE it!!), dice statistically proven to be fair. The only reason I
like the Grid better is because FIBS runs somewhat slow at my end. I've
heard that it could be my ISP's fault, but I got a very fast connection to
the Net (56k modem, on a Pentium 200 w/ 64 RAM)

3. Netgammon: the guy who created it would be better off running a tic tac
toe server. It's just too much eye candy for me, all pretty and cute, and
stuff. There are, surely, some good players, but the majority winded up
there from some Yahoo banner. True, it's the cheapest of the most decent
paid servers, but not worthy for the "funny" dice. Winning/loosing streaks
seem to happen too often to everyone!!

Now the Java based backgammon -- for those horrible times when you are away
from your computer and your hands are itching to throw the dice a few

1. Yahoo Games (any lounge, but the Social): that's where I play at school
most of the time. If you wanna play a good game, don't go to the social
lounge -- that's for people who are taking a break from reading e-mail or
something of that nature. Don't blame me if you play there and someone asks
"What does the button 'Double' do?"

2. Playsite: Good graphs, good players, relatively fast to load, free,
keeps ratings. The problem is that not too many people are available to
play against.

3. Internet Gaming Zone: how cute... They use the same tables system as
Yahoo (you pick a table w/ one player and start playing). I don't play much

Well, there are MANY other servers around. If your favorite server isn't
here, that means I don't play there. Most of these other servers carry
other games too. Most of these other servers suck too. Like iPlay, there's
nobody logged on there EVER!!!!! Funcom is another one: I could never get
it to work right.

Hope you have fun.

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