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Procedure when captain doubles

From:   Bill Riles
Date:   10 February 2010
Subject:   Chouette Rules
Forum:   bgonline

I rarely play in chouettes, particularly local chouettes, but the same
problem seems to arise each time.

Say the captain thinks about the position and decides to double the box.
The box immediately snaps up the cube as a take but claims no other actions
can be made on that turn. The box, obviously, is concerned about the
influence the captain's action might have on the other players on the
captain's team.

I am always of the opinion that team members do not make their decisions at
the same time and some additional opportunity should be given to the other
players prior to the box acting on the first cube given.  Thoughts?

Steve Mellon  writes:

I don't know of any chouette where this is permissible. The box needs to
give other people the opportunity to act. Yes, it's possible people who
wouldn't have doubled on their own will be influenced into doubling, but
that's just tough noogies for the box, to use a technical term. Even if
everyone wants to double, someone is always going to be first, and you
can't just deny everyone else the opportunity.

At most, the box may be entitled to insist that the remaining players act
in order, although that's much more common on a take/drop decision than on
the decision to offer a double.

Bob Glass  writes:

In LA, any player can initiate a double. In order to prevent the captain
from quick rolling, which might negate the double, it is advisable to use
the term "no dice" before the outcome of the roll has revealed itself. The
term "no dice" is a binding term which cancels the roll.

It is nornally the responsibility of the box to announce "anyone else?" In
practice, however, the box often pauses and someone on the outside will
simply say "no dice" which in effect means in this case, "don't act, I'm

If someone on the outside who is not present does not appoint someone to
act for them or say "I'll go with the majority!", then his cube stays in
the middle. If he is doubled and he gives no instructions, then he
automatically goes with the majority with the captain acting as tiebreaker.

Ken Bame  writes:

I have always played that if anyone on the crew doubles, the entire crew
gets asked about their decision before the box makes a decision. An
announcement is made "X doubled, anyone else?".

The only difference in rules is when someone is away from the table and did
not ask someone to handle their cube. Some play that he goes with the
majority, others play he did not double. Simple rule is never leave the
table without stating who should handle your cube.

Gregg Cattanach  writes:

Our Atlanta rules make this quite clear:

5.9) At the Captains turn, a player in the Team may offer the Box a
double, at which time the Box is required to verbally solicit the Team for
other players that also may wish to double. This applies to initial doubles
and redoubles.
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