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California rule

From:   Peter Anderson
Date:   27 November 2001
Subject:   "California" rule for chouette
Google:   IMSM7.460$

In chouette play, sometimes we play what we call a "California" rule
(don't know why it's called that)

Goes like this:

On the opening roll, the winner can either play the roll like normal, or
has the option of rerolling (with both dice) if the cube is turned (and
stays in the middle).

Local strategy in this loose game is as follows:

  If you win the opener with a natural 3-1, 4-2, or 6-1, take the roll.
  Otherwise turn the cube and re-roll.

Does anyone know if this is optimum?

Gary Wong  writes:

GNU Backgammon thinks so.  Assuming you're not allowed doubles on the
reroll, its cubeless evaluation of the equity being on roll in the
starting position with a centred 2-cube is +0.069, whereas the equities
after each of the 15 legal opening rolls are:

  31: 8/5 6/5      +0.108
  61: 13/7 8/7     +0.078
  42: 8/4 6/4      +0.077

  65: 24/13        +0.065
  53: 8/3 6/3      +0.037
  54: 24/20 13/8   +0.031
  62: 24/18 13/11  +0.024
  63: 24/18 13/10  +0.023
  64: 24/18 13/9   +0.021
  32: 24/21 13/11  +0.017
  43: 24/20 13/10  +0.016
  52: 24/22 13/8   +0.013
  51: 24/23 13/8   +0.008
  21: 24/23 13/11  +0.002
  41: 24/23 13/9   -0.001

So only 31, 61 and 42 are better than rerolling with a centred 2-cube.
(65 is very close.)

Peter Anderson  writes:

Thanks Gary.  Exactly what I was wondering.  However, the re-roll  IS
allowed doubles.  How does that change the strategy?

Gary Wong  writes:

If doubles are allowed, then gnubg thinks it is always better to
turn the cube and re-roll than to play the first roll you get.  The
combination of the chance of the 6 possible doubles and the benefit
of increasing the stakes in a position where you have an advantage
without forsaking cube access is too valuable to keep even a initial

  (To be precise, its evaluation of the cubeless equity for being on
roll in the starting position when doubles are permitted is 0.061 on a
1-cube, and so 0.122 on a 2-cube.  This is greater than the equity
following any of the non-double opening rolls on a 1-cube, including
31 which is worth 0.108.)

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