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From:   Gnoh Mon
Address:   gnohmon@panix.com
Date:   9 July 2004
Subject:   Re: Playing BG for money
Forum:   rec.games.backgammon
Google:   b8c281eb.0407090631.2b2e41a1@posting.google.com

How much does one play for these days? Not a high-stakes game, but say a
casual money game in a park or club between low-average strength

(I haven't played since the 1970s so I'm sure I'll be shocked by the
huge amount!)

Gregg Cattanach  writes:

People play for $3, $5, and $10 a point (money game sessions) all the
time. Of course, if you find the right person, this number may be much
higher. I'd say the most common chouette denomination is $5, but you see
a lot of $10 and $20 chouettes around the big tournaments.  It often
depends on where you live.  There are lots of $3 chouettes in Florida.

Michael Sullivan  writes:

Assuming one is average strength for the group, what's a typical 95% CI
for points won/lost in an evening of chouette play?

Exact variances would be great, but I assume those vary depending on the
group, so anecdotal evidence (best and worst nights from someone who
plays a lot) would be welcome also.

$5 a point seems like a lot of money to this risk-averse fellow. I'd
like to experiment with chouettes, but I don't gamble, and don't really
want to risk losing $100+ in a night, even though my overall result
might be zero or positive long term.

Gregg Cattanach  writes:

Looking over my records my average win is $36/session and my average
loss is $24/session, with about 80% of the chouettes at $5/point and the
rest at $10/point.  My expectation for an evening is that at $5 a point
it is extremely rare to be more than 30 points ahead or behind but no
big surprise if I win or lose 20 points or so.  I usually have enough
cash to pay 40 points so I don't have to write checks on a bad night
(but I have one in reserve, just in case).  Like any gambling you have
to be ready to play a lot and accepts the losses with the wins.  If your
opposition is quite weak, this is of course, a good thing, and if you
have some players that like to beaver and cube extremely early a lot,
then your variance can be quite a bit higher.  All told in 650 sessions
over many years I'm about a 2 point per session favorite.
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