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Top women players

From:   Tami
Address:   boisebackgammon@hotmail.com
Date:   12 November 2006
Subject:   Do you know?
Forum:   GammOnLine

As some of you know I write a column for the Gammonitis newsletter
interviewing top players from a human interest perspective. I got to
thinking that interviews with some of the top women players in the world
might be interesting. But I don't know who they are.

TarHeelFan  writes:

In no particular order:

  Mary Hickey
  Antoinette-Marie Williams
  Carol Joy Cole
  Sakura Wells

Who else? I don't know many of the European women's games. Probably

  Maria Krancheva (Bulgaria) and
  Pia Jeppesen (Denmark)

are very strong. AFAIK, there has never been a female Giant. I believe

  Mary Franks

is the highest woman on the all-time ABT list at #92. Aside from those
already mentioned, women in the top 150 ABT include

  Renée Rosenbloom,
  Joann Feinstein,
  Linda MacLean,
  Carol Falk,
  Judy Brown(?),
  Leslie Lockett(?), and
  Wendy Kaplan.

I don't know how many "top women" you are looking for, but I am not sure
if any of these belong on the list. There are some very strong Japanese
women, but I don't know their names.

Mislav Radica  writes:

You forgot

  Katie Scalamandre from USA

who was World Champion for 2000 in Monte Carlo.

  Mika Lidov

was a semifinalist in 1989.

Alan Laverty  writes:

If you're interested in ancient history,

  Lee Genud

was the 1981 world champion, beating Joe Dwek in the finals.

TarHeelFan  writes:

Lee Genud and
  Martha Ghio

are two I thought of, but forgot to mention. A more serious omission is

  Karen Davis,

who probably does belong on the short list.

Raccoon  writes:

DBgF Rating List Top 200:

  Tanja Lewis, #86
  Melania Starzak, #88
  Pia Jeppesen, #97
  Marianne Petersen, #127
  Inge Christoffersen, #133
  Anne Dahlin, #148
  Lise Nielsen, #181
  Ola Jørgensen, #182

NBGF Rating List Top 40:

  Hanna Nilsson, #10
  Martha Gjelseth, #20

BIBA All-time Rating List Top 40:

  Rachel Rhodes, #7

Steve Mellen  writes:

My good friend

  Laila Leonhardt

is an exceptional backgammon player. I suppose she sticks to bridge
these days.

Strato  writes:

The gang here did an excellent job of providing you with names. Here are
a couple of young ladies I don't see.

  Filomila Karantzali of Greece

I believe she played in at least one World Championship

  Scarlett Serrero of France

She has done really well in events in the last year and a half; she's
the daughter of Michel Serrero.

Ladies from the UK, some very strong ones, are:

  Rosey Bensley,
  Rachel Rhodes,
  Helen Helm-Sagar,
  Zoe Cunningham,
  Liz Barker and
  Simonetta Barone.

There's plenty more.

  Jeanne Nanga of Cameroon,
  Ingeborg Haussleiter of Germany,
  Maria Grigis of Italy,
  Inge Pfettrisch of Germany and
  Andrea Riebler of Austria.

Sam Pottle  writes:

> There are some very strong Japanese women, but I don't know their
> names.

  Akiko Abe
  Yuriko Kondo

Maik Stiebler  writes:

Junko Nakamura

has just won the prestigious Japanese Championship.

  Katja Sophie Spillum from Norway

was European Champion in 2002.

Tore Fredriksen  writes:

Katja Spillum Svendsen (Norway),
  Akiko Abe (Japan),
  Maria Kruncheva

Mary Hickey  writes:

I didn't plan to comment on this thread, but the omission of my good

  Nora Luna

is bothering me enough that I have to speak up. I don't know if she'd
care to be interviewed, but if you want to find her, she's a member of
NEBC, home of so many excellent players.

L Rubin  writes:

I suppose you weren't around the backgammon world when Nancy Weichsel,
Lili Gross, Katie Scalamandre and Lynn Goldsmith, all from the USA, were
the top women experts in the world. They are all still around and still
beautiful and talented.
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