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Maximizing earnings

From:   Stanley E. Richards
Address:   srichards@ameritech.net
Date:   10 October 2005
Subject:   Earning $'s: Money or Match?
Forum:   GammOnLine

Which is the best way to earn money? Match or money play? What are the
advantages of each style?


rew  writes:

It all depends on the competition of course. To be really succesful in
tournaments you need in my experience to be more than 60% fav average,
which I believe neil kaz likely is in the presumably weak abt tourneys.

Online it looks like the biggest money earners are high stakes money
games players. For a professional it is possible to be more than 1/2
point favourite against the right opposition, and if you play 100-200$
per point.. well you do the math :-)

garyo  writes:

If you can latch on to a couple of weak fish (preferably cube happy), a
chouette can be much more remunerative. I think there skills other than
"better play" involved. If one can make losing enjoyable for your
opponents, the more they'll happily contribute. it is tried and true
that it's easier to keep a customer than to find another. matchplay
tends to be less social, and people skills become less important.

Misja  writes:

I think money game offers the best way to earn money, because my
experience is that people start to steam there earlier than in match

rew  writes:

I don't have much experience playing money game, but when I analyze the
sessions I tend to play quite a bit worse than in match, perhaps a point
or two worse on the error rate.

This isn't because I steam in the traditional sense, but money game is
more difficult for me because

1. The playing speed is faster. In match I like to play somewhat
deliberate, but in money games I feel I need to play at the same speed
as my opp and that is almost always quick in money game

2. Endurance. A true money game session is atleast 20 games, sometimes
close to 100 games. Keeping concentrated for that long is VERY

3. Fear of losing, which is virtually non existent for me in match makes
me sometimes go conservative on cube actions and checker plays,
especially when the stakes are high.

Some other very strong players has told me similar stories, playing
strong money games are more difficult than playing strong match.

Raccoon  writes:

I don't think it's a question of "money or match." Match and money play
require different skills. Some players excel in both. Some good
tournament players turn into fish in a chouette. Some tough money
players do poorly in match play.

MY DEAR Stanley, for money or match play, the best way to win money at
backgammon is this:

    Choose opponents who play worse than you do.

For any stake you can name there are winners and whales. Ironically,
although backgammon abounds with two-bit hustlers who think deception
and disguise are essential, and yes, that works, for a while, the best
money players require no disguise, for at the higher stakes the whales
anxious to lose to their superiors are truly leviathan.

Good luck, sir, keep your bankroll flush and your harpoon ready.
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